IV International City Trans Ukraine 2020 Exhibition & Conference

Specialized Exhibition «City Trans Ukraine 2020» will take place at 6-7 October 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The event is devoted to demonstration of rolling stock, technologies and solutions for public transport and infrastructure.

Актуальні автомобільні новини в нашому Телеграм каналі

We cover: public electric transport (trolleybuses, trams, metro), city buses and minivans and questions on urban mobility.

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Topics of exhibition and business agenda:

• Funding sources for public transport purchase

• Pros and cons at purchase of new and second-hand rolling stock

• Manufacturing of electric transport in Ukraine

• Practice of trolleybuses with autonomous pace operation

• Municipal large-capacity and small-capacity buses

• The future of electrobuses transportation

• Mechanisms of transparent passengers calculation

• Development of combined transport scheme for cities

• New technologies for traffic flows planning in big and middle cities

• Implementation of big data technologies to collect passenger analytics

• E-ticket evolution and future unification

• Parking spaces as a part of urban infrastructure

• Optimum technologies and solutions for parking in the city

Two interactive round-table discussions will become integral part of business agenda:

• «Transport and Modern City» (6 October)

• «Urban Mobility» (7 October)

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