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City Trans Ukraine 2019

Ukrainian Automotive Forum 2017

City Trans Ukraine 2018

Air ecocide: damage from old cars

Interview with Mykhailo Reznik, 24 TV news channel

Mykhailo Reznik, President of the Ukravtoprom Association and Honored Economist of Ukraine, spoke about the survival of the domestic car…

About the Conference AutoPROM.UA’2013 in the car program “Motor”

Experts – on the introduction of recycling fees in Ukraine

Yukhim Khazan in the program “Today about the main thing”, TVi TV channel

Statement by representatives of the Ukravtoprom Association

The program "Autopilot News" on Channel 5

Restart the car industry

24 TV channel from March 22, 2013

Disposal fee. The position of automakers

The plot of the program "Business Kitchen"

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