AutoPROm 2013

The development of the Ukrainian automotive industry will be determined on the highest level during the Conference “AutoPROm 2013” in Kiev on November 4

During the annual V International Conference for Ukraine’s Automotive Industry Development “AutoPROm 2013” which will be held on November 4, 2013 at Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv, representatives of the supreme government official authorities, foreign investors and business of automobile industry plan to discuss the present and future of Ukraine as a participant of the global automotive industry. The Conference will be hosted within the Framework of the Council of Foreign and Domestic Investors under the President of Ukraine.

Підпишись на канал "УкрАвтопром"

The Conference “AutoPROm 2013”, organized by the Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association Ukrautoprom” and State Agency for Investments and National Projects of Ukraine,aims to present Ukraine as a strong and reliable business partner for international producers of automobiles, spare parts & components.

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On the agenda are such issues as new industrial policy for Ukraine in terms of boosting domestic production, automobile industry as a priority for Ukraine, production of auto components in Ukraine as a main element of the long-term strategy for attracting investment to the automobile industry development, and also innovation issues and alternatives to traditional fuels.

Among the special guests are:

  • Mykola Azarov ? ThePrime Minister of Ukraine
  • Igor Prasolov ? Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
  • Mykhailo Korolenko ? Minister of Industrial Policyof Ukraine
  • Andriy Goncharuk ? Advisor to the President of Ukraine, Head of the Presidential Administration Main Office for International Affairs
  • Tariel Vasadze ? Chairman, Ukrautoprom Association, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine
  • Paul Shapiro ? Senior Banker, Natural Resources, EBRD

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