The Association “Ukrautoprom” has a stable, yet flexible structure, consisting of the enterprises of the Ukrainian automotive industry in the person of their directors.

The Association “Ukrautoprom” is headed by the President Mykhailo Borysovych Reznik.

The overall management of Association is exercised by:

  • The Member assembly of the Association;
  • The Council of the Association;
  • The President;
  • The Presidium of the Association which manages actual operation.

The supreme body of the Association is the Member gathering.

The status of the Association member can be obtained by juridical persons, that are admitted into its membership in accordance with the decision of the Council of the Association. Every member of the Association has one voice at the Member gathering of the Association. Full members of the Association have the right of a decisive voice at the Member assembly of the Association; the associated members have the right of a consultative voice.