Ukrainian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association «Ukrautoprom» was created in 1997. The founders of «Ukrautoprom» are more than 20 leading Ukrainian enterprises of motor industry. Among them are: «ZAZ» Plc., «LAZ» Plc., «AvtoKrAZ» holding company and others. There are 18 main concerns of domestic automotive industry – members of association for today.

The main task of association are representative office and defence of interests of the Ukrainian auto producers in international and state institutes, and also coordination of enterprises efforts in motor industry sphere with taking into account world progress of production of transport vehicles trends.

So, from January, 19, 1998 «Ukrautoprom» is the member of OICA (International association of auto producers) – the worlds ponderable organization of motor industry which unites 32 countries-producers of motor-vehicle. The motor-car salon of Sia’2009 is brought in the calendar of OICA

An association supports partner amities with the foreign representatives of auto producers. Among them are motor-car factory FSO (Poland), representative office of business concern «Peugeot-Citroen» in Slovakia, «Skodaauto» (Czech), «Autoforum Club» (Poland) and others.

With beginning of economic crisis and domestic industry decrease, the association of «Ukrautoprom» initiates meetings between leaders of motor-car enterprises and President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko.

In November, 2008 an association initiated and conducted the First international conference of motor-car industry development, in which the representatives of leading motor-car companies of Europe and also main figures of governmental structures took part.

The association of «Ukrautoprom» developed Strategy of motor industry development and adjusting of cars market on a period up to year 2015, which became a basis of the Ukrainian industrial policy named «Special National purpose economic program of motor industry development and adjusting of motor-car market up to year 2015». This document is passed by a concordance in Ministries and departments of Ukraine.

Due to the active collaboration of specialists of association of «Ukrautoprom» with the deputies of Ukraine – the representatives of type parliamentary committees are developing particular branch legislative acts, directed on development and support the Ukrainian economy in the conditions of crisis, including motor industry.

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